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Unique Jobs Page

You’ll get your own Jobs Page to link from your company website, listing all of your active vacancies.

Your Jobs Page is a great opportunity to showcase your company as an employer by adding photos and a ‘Why work for us?’ section.

Head over to the settings page to edit the look and feel of your Jobs Page, or the Jobs List to publish new vacancies instantly.


Customisable Application Form

Your online Application Form will be branded to match your Jobs Page for a seamless candidate experience.

As standard our Application Forms gather contact details, employment history, CV, salary expectations, notice period, ‘right to work’ and diversity details.

If you work for a pizzeria however, you might want to ask all candidates ‘What’s your favourite pizza topping?’. Just let us know and we’ll add it.

Easily View, Edit & Publish Your Vacancies

From your Jobs List you can view all of your vacancies and their current status. Whether you want to simply see how many applicants each vacancy has, publish or unpublish a role to your Jobs Page, change a vacancy status or edit / delete a vacancy, you can do it all from here.

This is also where you can create a new job, or click into a role to view your applicants.


Add A New Vacancy

Adding a new job is easy. Start by filling in the general details like title, salary and location. Next add your description, person specification and anything else you would like to appear on your job advert.

Need to upload a file? No problem! You can attach a document to your new vacancy either for internal use or for your applicants.

Dual Window Applicant View

Review application forms side by side with the applicant’s CV – pretty useful for a quick and painless screening process.

You’ll also have the option to view the details of the role they’ve applied for, as well as their complete application history across your organisation.

From here you can change your applicant’s status, reject or progress them, or score them against the vacancy.


Applicant Scoring

We know there’s often more than one person involved in the screening process, which is where candidate scoring comes in handy.

On both the Applicant View and the Applicant List you’ll have the option of rating an Applicant 1-5 stars against a specific vacancy. Their average rating for the vacancy will be generated, taking into account the scores your colleagues have given.

Advanced MI Reports

You’ll have access to a range of reports that should provide answers to the most important recruitment questions, including:

  • Where do my applicants come from?
  • Where do my hired applicants come from?
  • How long (days) does it take to fill my vacancies?
  • How many vacancies do I currently have?
  • How many vacancies have I had this year?

Recruiter users will also have access to a variety of diversity reports.


breatheHR Integration

Our integration allows you to instantly transfer hired candidates to your breatheHR software.

If you’re an existing customer on a Regular plan and upwards, all of their personal details will come across to your HR system, and you’ll be emailed with a link to view their new employee record.

What’s more, breatheHR customers are entitled to a discount when signing up for InstantATS.

So, if you’re looking for an HR system, now’s your chance to pop over to the breatheHR website and take a look.

There's More!

There's More!

Track Applicants

Change an Applicant's status to progress them through the recruitment process. The Activity Log will show you their entire application journey.

Publish jobs to Social Media

Publish your jobs to your company Facebook, Twitter and / or Linkedin profile.

Hiring Manager Portal

Your Hiring Managers can log in and see only the shortlisted applicants for their vacancies, with the ability to view, progress or reject them.

Add Notes

Easily add a note to a candidate's Activity Log, as well as view all other notes including who created them and when.

Recruitment Agency Portal

Release vacancies to your selected agencies and receive candidates back via the ATS.

Vacancy Specific Questions

Add questions to an application form based on role type. For example, a field sales role may need to ask “do you have a full UK Driving Licence?”